Horoscope Tattoos

55 horoscope tattoos with meaning grouped by zodiac sign

Do you make your decisions or guide your choices based on the predictions of the stars? If the Horoscope occupies a very important place in your life, then these designs are probably the type of tattoo that goes perfectly with you.

In recent years, not only the number of people who are believers or are fond of astrology has increased, but also the number of horoscope tattoos. This is an original way to show the rest what kind of person you are and what sets you apart from the rest. At the same time, that you make it clear to yourself what your belief system is and what principles govern your day to day. For this reason, many people choose to have their horoscope sign tattooed somewhere on their body.

All kinds of drawings, respecting the particularities of each sign, you can find in the wide catalog that I bring you this time. Therefore, I suggest that you immerse yourself in this article, to know everything about this world of the zodiac.

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Meaning of horoscope tattoos

For many people, the constellations are a good way to represent the signs in tattoos. Surely, you already know that the horoscope is made up of twelve of them. Each one represents each of the zodiac signs. In this way, a certain sign is attributed to people born within the time of year, depending on the period. And to make the differentiation more visible, each of the horoscope signs is represented by a different image.

According to these beliefs, all those who were born under the same zodiac sign, have common characteristics and traits within their personality that distinguish and identify them. For example, it is said that all Aries people are usually firm, faithful but strong-willed people.

Bracelet Tattoos

39 bracelet tattoos with meaning for women and men

Armband tattoos are chosen by men as well as women. The designs can range from tribal, straight, curved or dotted lines, to those more elaborate with flowers, small animals or other elements of nature.

Here it should be noted that the bracelet differs from the bracelet by being larger and by being more decorated than the common bracelet. They are usually adorned with precious stones, medals, animal heads or other accessories. In addition, it is generally used above the wrist, or even above the elbow.

The best thing about this type of tattoo is that you can personalize it and achieve, thus, a unique design that identifies you as much as possible. For this reason, I suggest that you continue reading the article that I bring you today, and learn all about bracelets, their meanings and the most original models.

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Meaning of bracelet tattoos

Bracelets and bangles find their origin in the most remote civilizations, from the Bronze Age, continuing in the Egyptians, followed by the Romans and Greeks, until the most modern times. In each era, they had their mark and represented important elements. At the same time, they were adopting various forms and characteristics.

It used to be believed that these accessories had a great impact on life cycles, hence their circular or spiral shape. Likewise, many civilizations used them with a religious connotation, where emblematic figures typical of their beliefs were evident.

In men, the nobles used it as symbols of power in weapons games. While, in the upper classes, the ladies tended to wear them as luxury objects, highlighting their social status.

In this way, it is possible to observe how the bracelets evolved over time and acquiring more and more delicate details. Today, there are many who have replaced the metal version and are inclined to adapt it to tattoo. This is an alternative that is more interesting, because here you can freely play with your imagination and capture it in a drawing on your skin.

With all this, you can get an idea that bracelets can represent many things. Everything will depend on what design you choose and what you prefer to decorate it with.

Diamond Tattoos

59 diamond tattoos with meaning for men and women

Diamonds have been a highly prized item since ancient times. In addition to their great visual richness, they have a lot of meaning. That is why, currently, many people choose this mineral to tattoo it.

There are various shapes and designs that you can find in the world of diamond tattoos. From small pebbles, to the largest drawings, with extravagant colors.

If you are interested in this type of figures, I suggest you continue in this article. Here, you will have at your disposal the necessary information to know everything about diamond tattoos.

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Meaning of diamond tattoos

Already in the time of the Greeks, diamonds were considered a high value mineral. Not only for its components, but also for its beauty. In this way, through tradition, the diamond was placed above other elements of nature.

Formerly, it was believed that it alleviated the fight and treasured the love between couples, for this it is also known as the stone of reconciliation. Symbol of protection and safety, it is recognized for its surprising virtues against different toxins and some pests. Also, it acts as an amulet against fears, insomnia, bad influences and spells.

In a metaphorical sense, the diamond is a badge of perseverance, constancy, strength, steadfastness and victory. In turn, it constitutes an emblem of perfection, beauty, courage and bravery.

With all this, you will notice that a diamond tattoo is much more than a pretty image on your skin. Its various representations and meanings make it a very interesting and attractive element.

Dreamcatcher Tattoos

42 dreamcatcher tattoos with meaning for men and women

Coming from an ancient indigenous tradition, dream catchers are tattoos highly chosen by young women and men. They are an interesting alternative, if what you are looking for is a beautiful image that carries a lot of meaning and history.

In this way, you will be able to highlight a part of your body, at the same time that you will carry with you a deep message with which you identify.

In this article, you will have at your fingertips all the information you need to know more about their different meanings, the most chosen areas and the most beautiful designs.

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In this case, you can see two women who chose the ribs to display a huge dream catcher. Both coincide in adorning the drawing with feathers, while only one risked coloring it with beautiful flowers around it.

Dream catchers, linked to the world of dreams, invite you to unleash creativity to the fullest. Here, you can see a delicate design, wrapped in an interesting mix of colors that transform it into a mind-blowing tattoo.

Tree Tattoos

80 tree tattoos with meaning for men and women

Trees are a fundamental part of nature and vital to our survival. They represent such a significant element that there are already many people who choose to wear one marked on their skin. So diverse are the reasons for tattooing them, as varied are the designs that you can find.

Different models of trees, from the widest to the smallest, make up an interesting catalog for all kinds of tastes. In the article that I bring you today, you can learn more about its meaning and everything about the different species. As well as, I present you the most beautiful images, so that you can better define how your tattoo is going to be.

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Meaning of tree tattoos

As you may already know, deep messages are hidden behind tree tattoos. In this way, they are not only beautiful drawings, but they are even more attractive for all that they represent. Often times, the meaning depends on the type of tree.

For example, in the case of trees with many branches, surrounded by birds or butterflies, they allude to family and union. For their part, the largest trees with elaborate details, refer to the growth and development in life, to the wisdom and learning that one was collecting along the way and to the experiences that left a mark.

Also, colorful trees can be mentioned here. These are related to freedom, love and joy. While, on its opposite side, there are designs of dry trees that, rather, represent sadness, loneliness or helplessness.

With this, you will have already realized that each drawing can symbolize a very personal thing, so be very careful when choosing which one is ideal for you.

Crown Tattoos

54 crown tattoos with meaning for women, men and couples

Do you want to get a crown tattoo? Then, you are in the perfect article for you.

You will know that, many times, these tattoos are used as a symbol of power, personal control and dominance. They allude to ancient times, where kings and queens represented the highest figure within society.

If you are one of the lovers of crowns, below you will see a complete description of these types of tattoos and a varied collection of images. Thus, you can choose the design that you like the most.

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Crown tattoos

Crown tattoos

Crown tattoos

Crown tattoos

Crown tattoos

Crown tattoos

Meaning of crown tattoos

When you think of crowns, the crowning moments of kings surely come to mind. For this reason, its meaning is closely linked to royalty, power and prestige. As well as, in the Christian religion, the crown of thorns is used to symbolize sacrifice and surrender to faith.

In all its variants, the crown represents strength, sovereignty and power. This can be seen on an individual level, as in the couple or in relationships with other people. If you want to know more about crown tattoos and their meanings, continue reading this article.