Compass Tattoos

44 compass tattoos for men and women with meaning

Did you know that the compass is one of the tools that revolutionized navigation in the late Middle Ages ? This instrument, invented by the Chinese, was truly transcendent in the history of mankind.

Although, today, it has evolved as a result of technological advances, its original image is taken by many to engrave it on the skin. In this way, compass tattoos become a trend and, more and more people choose them to refer to people, events or experiences that left a mark on their life.

To know more about their meanings and designs, I recommend that you continue in the article that I bring you today. Here, in addition, you can enjoy the most complete catalog of images.

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Meaning of compass tattoos

Compasses, in their expert use, are used as an instrument for orientation. Inside it you can see a compass rose, in which there is a magnetized needle that rotates on an axis and always points in the direction of magnetic north. As a result of this function, the drawing of compasses has begun to be used as a tattoo that refers to different values.

On the one hand, many take his image as a symbol of good luck. This finds justification in the life of the sailors. When they sailed, they faced the ocean as a place full of uncertainties and very dangerous, risking their lives in each trip. So, here the compass appears as their essential guide and following it allowed them to reach their destination.

In turn, related to luck and good energies, the oriental Fang Shui philosophy considers the compass as an element that carries wealth, well-being, bonanza, good luck, progress and happiness.

Closely linked to the north direction indicated by the compass, it is established that his tattoo is also constituted as an emblem of orientation and location. If you want to show that in difficult times of turbulence and confusion you were able to get ahead because someone or something could lead the way, then this is a good design that you should consider. For this reason, too, it is regarded as a badge of protection. This instrument gave sailors the assurance that they would reach their homes safely, no matter how long it would take them to arrive at a safe harbor.

But if, on the other hand, you believe that you are a person who loves adventure and travel, the compass will allow you to make it very clear. Here, he comes to represent a risky soul with a bohemian spirit, who is always in search of new paths and challenges. Where freedom is the principle that governs you, you look like an outgoing traveler, open to the world and to all the opportunities that may arise.

On the other hand, when the compass is used to refer to personal relationships, it serves to highlight sincere union, loyalty, unconditional love and true friendship. His figure in the shape of a circle can be taken as a symbol of constancy, infinity, balance, perseverance and tolerance.

Arrow Tattoos

41 arrow tattoos with meaning for men and women

The arrow tattoo designs today are really very varied: short or long, straight or curved, colored or black. The trend has been increasing and is booming. Both young and old choose them to be engraved on their skin, for many reasons.

In some cases, they are accompanied by beautiful complementary figures, which add more meaning. Do you want to know more about these types of tattoos? Here, you can have the most complete information, from the best places to do it to the most beautiful designs.

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Two delicate crossed arrows, with fine lines, constitute a simple but profound design. Loaded with meaning, this small image manages to convey a strong union.

Here you can see a beautiful fusion of mainly four elements full of symbolism. An arrow composed of the word “warrier”, which means warrior in Spanish and ends with a wild feather. In turn, a dotted circle in the center adds a charming detail.

Moon Tattoos

41 moon and star tattoos with meaning for men and women

Undoubtedly, you already know that the Moon is one of the celestial bodies that make up the solar system. Regarding its size, it is presented as the fifth largest satellite. In addition, an important peculiarity, it is the only satellite that the Earth has, rotating around it and reflecting the light released by the Sun.

But beyond all these curious facts related to astronomy, the Moon is an element widely used in many beliefs, religions and traditions as a transcendent symbol. That is why his image has been implemented for the deepest tattoos. Both women and men choose it to expose part of their experiences, their philosophy of life or their faith.

Within the moon designs, surprisingly, you can find the most varied options: new, full, crescent, first quarter, last quarter, waning, among others. Also, you should know that some animals are used as symbols to refer to the Moon, due to their link with it. The best known is the wolf, but there are also the hare, the rabbit, the frog and the toad.

Do you want to know everything about its variants and meanings? If so, continue in this article. Here I bring you a lot of information and the most beautiful images of moon tattoos.

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Meaning of moon tattoos

Depending on the culture or the historical moment in which you place yourself, the Moon can take on very different meanings. However, in most cases, it is closely tied to the spiritual. And it is precisely this sense by which his figure is often chosen to be engraved on his skin.

In certain mythologies, the Moon comes to represent the strength and power of the feminine. Here, she is presented as the Mother Goddess or the Queen of Heaven. In contrast, some beliefs consider the Moon, rather, as a male God.

The meaning of moon tattoos, in some cases, moves away from beliefs and refers, more than anything, to the influence of celestial powers on Earth and people’s lives. For this reason, it is also used to refer to the cycles of nature, fertility, growth, birth and the beginning of new stages.

With all this, I imagine that you already have enough reasons for your next tattoo to be of the moon. With great beauty, you can show off your tattoo by showing yourself an interesting, mysterious and deep person.

Lip Tattoos

43 lip tattoos and kisses with meaning for men and women

The lips have a strong connotation, linked to the sensual, passion and love. More than anything in women, it is one of the most successful weapons of seduction. Surely, no one can resist beautiful and suggestive lips.

If we get into the world of tattoos, lip drawings are gaining popularity and have become a curious trend. A strong reason for this is that today the quality of tattoo designs and technology have allowed them to look much more realistic. The colors and shapes are truly amazing.

To delight in the best photographs and learn more about the different styles, I invite you to continue reading. In this way, you will be able to have all the necessary information to finish defining the details of your next tattoo.

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Meaning of lip tattoos

In today’s article, lip tattoos are covered. Although at first glance they can only be a pretty image. In reality, they hide a deeper meaning. Did you know that lips can reveal people’s personalities? Every detail of them can show what traits they define. Therefore, when it comes to tattooing lips, it is important to define beforehand what its shape will be like and where you will place this drawing on your body.

For example, fleshy lips indicate that you are a passionate and very sensual person, capable of giving a lot of love to your children and your partner. On the other hand, if you opt for thinner lips, you will make it clear that you are independent and free, but a bit more introverted.

Rare Tattoos

26 weird or strange tattoos: they are VERY rare and curious …

Are you a person who stands out above the rest for its originality? If you consider that your tastes or preferences in tattoos are unusual, or rather exotic, then, you are in the perfect article for you.

Today, the number of people who dare to get a tattoo has been growing and, with it, the variety of designs. From the most typical and traditional, to the most extravagant and rare. It is the latter that we will refer to here, mentioning their particularities and showing the most daring tattoos.

So, if you want to wear a unique, original and strange image on your skin , I invite you to continue reading for some ideas to inspire you. Really, you will meet witty and witty models.

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Bad Tattoos

29 badly done tattoos – they’re horrible, ugly, and even misspelled …

When you choose your favorite design, surely, the last thing you want is to look bad. Tattoos are not a game and it is important to take them seriously. This is because you will wear it on your skin forever or, in the best case scenario, you can take it off but it will cost a lot of money and you will suffer a lot of pain.

For this reason, I recommend that when it comes to getting a tattoo, make sure that you do it with an expert. It is better to pay more and have good quality guaranteed, rather than go for cheaper tattoo places. Remember the famous phrase, “in the long run, cheap is expensive.

To know everything about the worst tattoos, in this article I try enough information to take into account before getting one.

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Bad tattoos

Bow Tattoos

32 bow tattoos with meaning (different designs)

Today, I bring you a type of tattoo in which you can put your mark and mark your style to the fullest. Bow tattoos are designs that can take on the most diverse shapes and colors. For this reason, you will have the opportunity to choose the canvas that you like the most and adapt it to your personality.

The loop is made up of a main knot that, in turn, is made up of one or more joints. This is usually disassembled simply, just by pulling one of its strings. In general, it is used as an ornament to decorate different objects. In the world of tattoos, it looks like a subtle and fine ornament, which allows to highlight some part of the body in an elegant way. On some occasions, it is used as a complement to another drawing, while many prefer to tattoo it alone.

Are you eager to get a bow tattoo? So, continue your reading to learn more about them and finish defining the last details.

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Meaning of bow tattoos

The forms of the ties are as varied as the meanings they may suggest. It all depends on the color, the shape, the place of the body and the size.

Generally, the tie is used as a symbol of a free relationship, based on respect and love. This is because the tie joint is tight, but easy to untie. Others use this figure to refer to a moment, a person or an event in their life that marked them forever. Thus, they manage to leave the imprint that this has left on their skin.

At other times, the ribbon is used to pay tribute to a loved one. Such is the case of the black tattoo, as a sign of mourning. Or, sometimes, it is worn as a badge of the fight against some disease. For example, the red ribbon is a symbol of victory against AIDS, while the pink one is against cancer.

At this point, it is also worth highlighting the Lady’s Ribbon of the Order of Isabel la Católica. In the form of a medal or a cross, many choose it as an emblem of civil work for the benefit of the nation or its relations with other countries.

As you can see, the reasons for tattooing this image are many. I suggest you select the design that best represents you and put it on your skin.