Biomechanical Tattoos

26 realistic biomechanical tattoos and spectacular 3D effect

In modern times, images of robots, machinery, and processors are part of everyday life. The particularities of these instruments, such as their strength superior to that of humans, intelligence or perfection in each of their parts, make many people want to possess some of their characteristics.

Inspired by these concepts, biomechanical designs are a new trend in tattoos. These simulate a motorized body part, such as an arm, a leg or a foot. Among the alternatives, you can even find drawings for the head, which look like robotic skulls. To go deeper into these types of tattoos, I invite you to continue reading about the different options and their particularities.

Meaning of biomechanical tattoos

Similar to super powers, machines are capable of doing things that would never be available to people. The truth is that we cannot know how far it will be possible to advance with the discoveries and inventions of science and technology. But the truth is that, nowadays, the closest thing to relating the human body to all this is biomechanics.

This science understands the body as a machine, but it differs from the latter because it is made up of living elements. In this relationship, the ability to fuse the two is seen, incorporating mechanized limbs into the human being. For their part, biomechanical tattoos seek to leave these possibilities that science invites us to reflect on the skin.