Dandelion Tattoos

45 dandelion tattoos with special meaning

In nature, you will be able to find dandelions frequently, just like in the world of tattoos. Its curious name comes from the shape of the petals of its flower, very similar to the teeth of the king of the jungle, which is characterized by being very pointed and sharp.

This plant is characterized by being wild, that is, it grows spontaneously and without being cultivated. Surprisingly, it was considered a weed. However, recently, its great properties and all the benefits it brings to health have been discovered. For this reason, it began to be used in medicine. In addition, thanks to its exquisite flavor, it is used in gastronomy.

For all the above, her figure has begun to be well accepted and there are already many who choose it to be engraved on their skin. Beyond being pleasing to the eye, it involves many messages that can represent everything you have experienced, or who you have become throughout your life.

Is this design really interesting to you? In this article I bring you everything you need to know about dandelions before tattooing them.

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Meaning of dandelion tattoos

Throughout history, the dandelion has been attributed multiple connotations. This depends on the culture that adopts it or, well, on the era in which it is considered. Various statements or fables were created around his image. For example, a legend says that this plant can determine when you will die, or when you will find the love of your life, or how many children you will have. Another example is the belief that a dandelion should be added to the bride’s bouquet at a wedding so that the couple can enjoy fortune and happiness.

On the other hand, many believe that when making a wish, the dandelion should be blown off, releasing all the fluff to make it come true. As you can see, the stories about this plant are so varied, as are the designs they can find to tattoo it on you.

However, beyond these superstitions, the dandelion abides by different deeper meanings. Some use it as a symbol of innocence and childhood. With it they try to mark their skin to remember the best years of their lives, where they lived without worries and with the naivety of a child.

Others use this herb as a badge of freedom, passion for life and detachment from the material. The act of letting go of everything that grips you in life and hurts you, is represented by teeth flying by the action of the wind or a strong blow. Very witty right? Well yes, it really is an amazing metaphor.

Bow Tattoos

32 bow tattoos with meaning (different designs)

Today, I bring you a type of tattoo in which you can put your mark and mark your style to the fullest. Bow tattoos are designs that can take on the most diverse shapes and colors. For this reason, you will have the opportunity to choose the canvas that you like the most and adapt it to your personality.

The loop is made up of a main knot that, in turn, is made up of one or more joints. This is usually disassembled simply, just by pulling one of its strings. In general, it is used as an ornament to decorate different objects. In the world of tattoos, it looks like a subtle and fine ornament, which allows to highlight some part of the body in an elegant way. On some occasions, it is used as a complement to another drawing, while many prefer to tattoo it alone.

Are you eager to get a bow tattoo? So, continue your reading to learn more about them and finish defining the last details.

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Meaning of bow tattoos

The forms of the ties are as varied as the meanings they may suggest. It all depends on the color, the shape, the place of the body and the size.

Generally, the tie is used as a symbol of a free relationship, based on respect and love. This is because the tie joint is tight, but easy to untie. Others use this figure to refer to a moment, a person or an event in their life that marked them forever. Thus, they manage to leave the imprint that this has left on their skin.

At other times, the ribbon is used to pay tribute to a loved one. Such is the case of the black tattoo, as a sign of mourning. Or, sometimes, it is worn as a badge of the fight against some disease. For example, the red ribbon is a symbol of victory against AIDS, while the pink one is against cancer.

At this point, it is also worth highlighting the Lady’s Ribbon of the Order of Isabel la Católica. In the form of a medal or a cross, many choose it as an emblem of civil work for the benefit of the nation or its relations with other countries.

As you can see, the reasons for tattooing this image are many. I suggest you select the design that best represents you and put it on your skin.

Tree Tattoos

80 tree tattoos with meaning for men and women

Trees are a fundamental part of nature and vital to our survival. They represent such a significant element that there are already many people who choose to wear one marked on their skin. So diverse are the reasons for tattooing them, as varied are the designs that you can find.

Different models of trees, from the widest to the smallest, make up an interesting catalog for all kinds of tastes. In the article that I bring you today, you can learn more about its meaning and everything about the different species. As well as, I present you the most beautiful images, so that you can better define how your tattoo is going to be.

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Meaning of tree tattoos

As you may already know, deep messages are hidden behind tree tattoos. In this way, they are not only beautiful drawings, but they are even more attractive for all that they represent. Often times, the meaning depends on the type of tree.

For example, in the case of trees with many branches, surrounded by birds or butterflies, they allude to family and union. For their part, the largest trees with elaborate details, refer to the growth and development in life, to the wisdom and learning that one was collecting along the way and to the experiences that left a mark.

Also, colorful trees can be mentioned here. These are related to freedom, love and joy. While, on its opposite side, there are designs of dry trees that, rather, represent sadness, loneliness or helplessness.

With this, you will have already realized that each drawing can symbolize a very personal thing, so be very careful when choosing which one is ideal for you.

Tattoos On The Neck

30 tattoos on the neck with meaning for women and men

Nowadays, many people are those who choose the nape as the best part of the body to tattoo. So if you plan to get a tattoo in this area, I can tell you that you are correct.

Although you will not be able to get very large tattoos, given the little space available, smaller designs look good here. If you have long hair, you can only show off your tattoo when wearing it up. On the other hand, if your hair is short, it will always be visible.

I recommend that you continue reading this article, to learn more about the world of tattoos on the neck.

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Nape tattoos

Nape tattoos

Nape tattoos

Nape tattoos

Nape tattoos


Meaning of tattoos on the nape

In both women and men, the nape is a part of the body closely linked to sensuality. Having a lot of influence on the type of tattoo you want to get, if what you want to highlight is your sexiest side, the nape is definitely one of the best places.

In addition, being the upper and posterior area of ​​the neck, it is strongly related to sensitivity. The caresses and kisses on the nape often leave you on the surface. So obviously a tattoo here will be much more suggestive.

Crown Tattoos

54 crown tattoos with meaning for women, men and couples

Do you want to get a crown tattoo? Then, you are in the perfect article for you.

You will know that, many times, these tattoos are used as a symbol of power, personal control and dominance. They allude to ancient times, where kings and queens represented the highest figure within society.

If you are one of the lovers of crowns, below you will see a complete description of these types of tattoos and a varied collection of images. Thus, you can choose the design that you like the most.

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Crown tattoos

Crown tattoos

Crown tattoos

Crown tattoos

Crown tattoos

Crown tattoos

Meaning of crown tattoos

When you think of crowns, the crowning moments of kings surely come to mind. For this reason, its meaning is closely linked to royalty, power and prestige. As well as, in the Christian religion, the crown of thorns is used to symbolize sacrifice and surrender to faith.

In all its variants, the crown represents strength, sovereignty and power. This can be seen on an individual level, as in the couple or in relationships with other people. If you want to know more about crown tattoos and their meanings, continue reading this article.

Demon Tattoos

35 tattoos of demons and devils with meaning

Demons are often creatures related to the world of evil and fear. Generally, it is men or young people who choose this type of tattoos to be a more masculine figure. Of different types, colors and dimensions, the catalog is usually very varied.

Today I bring you the most complete guide on demon tattoos, so you can learn more about their meanings, their representations and designs.

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Meaning of demon tattoos

In many religions the devil and demons are taken as evil beings, who come to corrupt the peace and good of humanity. Thus, they are constituted as fanciful and supernatural figures, but with a spiritual touch, that bring consternation, destruction and embody darkness.

These stocks are truly terrifying, gruesome, and sinister. However, those who choose to get a demon tattoo do not always try to highlight the perversion or evil. Rather, what they intend to do is wear a symbol of rebellion against religion or culture on their skin. In this way, they look for a tattoo that exposes their feelings and their position contrary to the beliefs of the system in which they are inserted.

In turn, these creatures find correspondence with nightlife, some musical styles, such as rock or heavy metal, or with the erotic. It is for these different reasons that many people choose demons to highlight their most rebellious and dark side.