Koi Fish Tattoos

8 Koi Fish Tattoos with Special Meaning (Chinese and Japanese)

Coming from oriental culture, the koi fish finds its origin in a Chinese legend that, in turn, is taken by Japanese tradition as a charm of prosperity and a symbol of love.

In this type of tattoos, I assure you that you can freely play with your creativity and choose the colors that you like the most. There are very original designs, thanks to their shades and ornaments, such as flowers, veils and water signs.

Although this element is typical of very distant parts of the world, there are already many people from the West who have taken its image. In this way, today it has become a fashion that does not stop growing. To know more about the history and meaning of the koi fish, I suggest you keep reading. Also, this time, I bring you some photos of the most beautiful tattoos.

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Meaning of Koi Fish tattoos

In order to better understand its meaning, it is necessary to go back to the fable that started this belief. It narrates Zhuang Zhou’s visit to the River Guardian Marquis, when he went to ask him for some food because he did not have money to feed himself. Instead of being able to host some grain, he only received false promises from the Marquis. The latter had promised to give him three hundred gold coins, but only when he could collect his taxes.

This short story hints at times when one needs help, but is not truly supported. Instead, many people commit to things that they then fail to deliver. So, this little fish comes to represent the way out of these difficult situations, resulting in the only hope.

On the other hand, this species stands out for its beautiful colors and attributes. In ancient times, they were raised for food. But then, after appreciating its peculiarities, it began to be considered more like a domestic animal. Having them as a company, according to Eastern beliefs, guarantees success, good luck and are signs of good omen.

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