Leg Tattoos

63 leg tattoos with meaning for men and women

The leg is a wide place, so the options for getting a tattoo are among the most diverse. Starting from the calves to the thighs, the designs can be large or small. This is why, if you want to get a tattoo on this part of the body, you can play with your imagination and creativity.

However, finding the perfect tattoo for one is never an easy task, but the following guide will surely make it easier for you. Enjoy the following collection of images that I leave you below.

Ideas Gallery

In this photograph, you can see a tattoo that spans the entire length of the leg. A daring design, with large figures, where flowers and skulls are the main protagonists.

Meaning of tattoos on the leg

The leg constitutes the lower extremity of the body, which extends from the trunk to the foot. Here, you can choose when or not to show your tattoo. So it has a strong relationship to the intimate and what that person means to whom you want to let see this part of you.

In turn, the place on the leg you choose will also speak a lot about you. If you choose the thigh, you probably like larger designs, but prefer to keep it less visible. On the other hand, if the ankle is your favorite area, surely you are a little more outgoing since it will not take much effort to expose the tattoo.

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