Hindu Tattoos

Hindu tattoos meanings

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions of humanity, which is beginning to take center stage today.

In their beliefs, the seven real goals of life are very important and present. These are the “Artha”, which refers to prosperity, prosperity and work; the “Dharma”, which refers to ethics, morals and responsibilities; the “Samsara”, which constitutes the cycle of resurrection and rebirth; the “Kama”, typical of desires, dreams and passions; the “Karma”, which is the best known and talks about actions and their consequences; the “Moksha”, which is related to freedom, protection, security and shelter; and last but not least, “Yoga” that refers to the paths and practices necessary to achieve the liberation of the soul.

Thus, as important symbols of tradition and religion, Hindu tattoos are characterized, not only by their beauty, but, rather, by their mysterious meanings. Each line has its meaning, it can represent strength, learning and growth, as well as personal fears, threats or insecurities.

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