Arabic Tattoos

24 Arabic tattoos with meaning (letters, phrases and names)

Despite being a very distant culture, with different customs and traditions, Arabic images and letters are widely used in the West.

For both men and women, the designs are characterized by being very attractive. In particular, tattoos of phrases or words in Arabic calligraphy are the most popular. The reason for this is that very few people can truly understand the writing of this language, which gives the tattoo a more intimate message and meaning.

Are you totally sure of getting an Arabic tattoo? So, I recommend that, to finish defining the last details, you continue in this article.

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Meaning of arabic tattoos

Arabic tattoos are considered the most intimate and mysterious. Its symbology hides behind each stroke, much more than a simple line. Coming from a millenary culture, their images allude to figures and elements with great value in antiquity.

In all its variants, from letters to signs, Arabic designs serve to give a lot more meaning to the tattoo and what you want to wear forever marked on your skin.

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