Arabic Tattoos

Arabic symbols tattoos

Do you want to carry part of this culture on your skin, but can’t find a phrase or word that identifies you? So, within the Arabic symbology you can find the perfect tattoo for you.

Very representative of its history, its values ​​and beliefs, the Arab symbols refer to the strength and inner purity. Among the most popular, the crescent moon stands out with a star. This image, present in most of the flags of Arab countries, alludes to the values ​​of loyalty, sovereignty, triumph and supremacy.

The Hand of God is another important figure, which refers to the Five Pillars of Islam and is used as a sign of protection. The famous Kaaba shrine, very characteristic of this culture, can also be mentioned here.

The list of sacred symbols continues, so you can choose from many alternatives for deep and sacred meanings. Choose the one that best represents you and goes with your style.






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