Finger Tattoos

34 finger tattoos with meaning for men and women

Tattoos are increasingly accepted in different areas, such as in work spaces or academic settings. This encouraged the use of tattoos on more exposed parts of the body, such as the hands, neck or arms. In this article we will focus on one of them, which are finger tattoos.

Surely, you have already noticed that they have been gaining ground in recent years. These are the smallest. However, they become the most visible. To know more about these tattoos, continue reading the article that I bring you today.

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Meaning of tattoos on the fingers

It is interesting to know that each finger represents something different. It is not the same to choose the index finger as the thumb. Therefore, when it comes to tattooing it is important that you know well the meaning of each finger.

Ringing, for example, is strongly related to strength, self-defense and the struggle to achieve dreams. The middle finger is linked to stability, balance and harmony in life. For its part, the index refers to creativity, thinking and self-control. The little one, on the other hand, is related both to actions and their consequences, as well as to relationships with other people. Finally, the thumb refers to awareness and the balance of energies.

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