Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos for men

Men’s hands are a part of the body closely related to strength, work and sensuality. If you are looking to highlight them, then a tattoo on some of your fingers might be a good idea.

Although it is a place for both women and men, there are more masculine designs, such as small tribal, skulls, diamonds or heads of wild animals. In addition, many decide to share a tattoo with their partner, such as a wedding ring, a heart or an important date.



In the present image you can see a man who chose both ring fingers to tattoo with complementary symbols. Thanks to the size of your fingers, every detail can be clearly appreciated.



Risky, original and artistic, are some of the characteristics that define the tattoo in this image. The face of a classic fictional character is shown on each of the fingers. Thanks to the shading, the features look pretty good.


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