Mandalas Tattoos

49 mandala tattoos with meaning for men and women

The world of mandalas is huge and, really, very interesting. Its various shapes and colors invite you to let your imagination fly and play with creativity. Being much more than pretty figures, mandalas hide intense spiritual meanings that, without a doubt, will leave a mark on your life.

Symmetry is the guiding principle in the design of mandalas. These, in turn, find their origin in eastern cultures. Specifically, they come from the Buddhist and Hindu religions.

To know more about mandala tattoos, I invite you to continue reading. In this article, you will learn more about their meanings and the different typologies.

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Meaning of mandala tattoos

Many specialists recommend mandala therapy, whether it be drawing or painting these shapes, to calm anxiety, reduce stress or achieve internal harmony. This finds its reason in the meaning of mandalas, which at the same time, extends to the field of tattoos.

These figures are circular and inside it has different geometric shapes that extend from the center to the ends. The attractiveness of mandalas is that each one is endowed with a particular meaning, given by its representations, colors and dimensions. However, many refer to certain values ​​such as freedom, purification, loyalty, eternity, harmony and reincarnation.

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