Viking Tattoos

Viking symbols tattoos

The Vikings were peoples with very strong traditions. Some symbols reveal their beliefs, their most important deities and / or transcendent facts within their mythology. Many times, the tattoos of these drawings are used as amulets against bad energies and protection.

Such is the case of the Valknut symbol, of the god of death, which is made up of three interlocking triangles, and refers to soldiers lost in battle. In this way, its close relationship with the struggle and death is seen. Here, too, one can mention the sign of VegvĂ­sir, which represents the famous Viking tool used in navigation, the compass. In a symbolic sense, this image is used as protection and to ensure the return home.

Another symbol worth mentioning is Thor’s hammer, an icon of strength and protection. In addition, there is the Aegishjalmer, which refers to the path of life and not lose sight of the objectives that encourage us to move forward. The list of Viking symbol tattoos goes on and it’s very long. For this reason, I recommend that you choose well which one identifies you the most, before passing it on to your skin forever.







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