Leg Tattoos

63 leg tattoos with meaning for men and women

The leg is a wide place, so the options for getting a tattoo are among the most diverse. Starting from the calves to the thighs, the designs can be large or small. This is why, if you want to get a tattoo on this part of the body, you can play with your imagination and creativity.

However, finding the perfect tattoo for one is never an easy task, but the following guide will surely make it easier for you. Enjoy the following collection of images that I leave you below.

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In this photograph, you can see a tattoo that spans the entire length of the leg. A daring design, with large figures, where flowers and skulls are the main protagonists.

Meaning of tattoos on the leg

The leg constitutes the lower extremity of the body, which extends from the trunk to the foot. Here, you can choose when or not to show your tattoo. So it has a strong relationship to the intimate and what that person means to whom you want to let see this part of you.

In turn, the place on the leg you choose will also speak a lot about you. If you choose the thigh, you probably like larger designs, but prefer to keep it less visible. On the other hand, if the ankle is your favorite area, surely you are a little more outgoing since it will not take much effort to expose the tattoo.

Compass Tattoos

44 compass tattoos for men and women with meaning

Did you know that the compass is one of the tools that revolutionized navigation in the late Middle Ages ? This instrument, invented by the Chinese, was truly transcendent in the history of mankind.

Although, today, it has evolved as a result of technological advances, its original image is taken by many to engrave it on the skin. In this way, compass tattoos become a trend and, more and more people choose them to refer to people, events or experiences that left a mark on their life.

To know more about their meanings and designs, I recommend that you continue in the article that I bring you today. Here, in addition, you can enjoy the most complete catalog of images.

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Meaning of compass tattoos

Compasses, in their expert use, are used as an instrument for orientation. Inside it you can see a compass rose, in which there is a magnetized needle that rotates on an axis and always points in the direction of magnetic north. As a result of this function, the drawing of compasses has begun to be used as a tattoo that refers to different values.

On the one hand, many take his image as a symbol of good luck. This finds justification in the life of the sailors. When they sailed, they faced the ocean as a place full of uncertainties and very dangerous, risking their lives in each trip. So, here the compass appears as their essential guide and following it allowed them to reach their destination.

In turn, related to luck and good energies, the oriental Fang Shui philosophy considers the compass as an element that carries wealth, well-being, bonanza, good luck, progress and happiness.

Closely linked to the north direction indicated by the compass, it is established that his tattoo is also constituted as an emblem of orientation and location. If you want to show that in difficult times of turbulence and confusion you were able to get ahead because someone or something could lead the way, then this is a good design that you should consider. For this reason, too, it is regarded as a badge of protection. This instrument gave sailors the assurance that they would reach their homes safely, no matter how long it would take them to arrive at a safe harbor.

But if, on the other hand, you believe that you are a person who loves adventure and travel, the compass will allow you to make it very clear. Here, he comes to represent a risky soul with a bohemian spirit, who is always in search of new paths and challenges. Where freedom is the principle that governs you, you look like an outgoing traveler, open to the world and to all the opportunities that may arise.

On the other hand, when the compass is used to refer to personal relationships, it serves to highlight sincere union, loyalty, unconditional love and true friendship. His figure in the shape of a circle can be taken as a symbol of constancy, infinity, balance, perseverance and tolerance.

Arrow Tattoos

41 arrow tattoos with meaning for men and women

The arrow tattoo designs today are really very varied: short or long, straight or curved, colored or black. The trend has been increasing and is booming. Both young and old choose them to be engraved on their skin, for many reasons.

In some cases, they are accompanied by beautiful complementary figures, which add more meaning. Do you want to know more about these types of tattoos? Here, you can have the most complete information, from the best places to do it to the most beautiful designs.

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Two delicate crossed arrows, with fine lines, constitute a simple but profound design. Loaded with meaning, this small image manages to convey a strong union.

Here you can see a beautiful fusion of mainly four elements full of symbolism. An arrow composed of the word “warrier”, which means warrior in Spanish and ends with a wild feather. In turn, a dotted circle in the center adds a charming detail.

Moon Tattoos

41 moon and star tattoos with meaning for men and women

Undoubtedly, you already know that the Moon is one of the celestial bodies that make up the solar system. Regarding its size, it is presented as the fifth largest satellite. In addition, an important peculiarity, it is the only satellite that the Earth has, rotating around it and reflecting the light released by the Sun.

But beyond all these curious facts related to astronomy, the Moon is an element widely used in many beliefs, religions and traditions as a transcendent symbol. That is why his image has been implemented for the deepest tattoos. Both women and men choose it to expose part of their experiences, their philosophy of life or their faith.

Within the moon designs, surprisingly, you can find the most varied options: new, full, crescent, first quarter, last quarter, waning, among others. Also, you should know that some animals are used as symbols to refer to the Moon, due to their link with it. The best known is the wolf, but there are also the hare, the rabbit, the frog and the toad.

Do you want to know everything about its variants and meanings? If so, continue in this article. Here I bring you a lot of information and the most beautiful images of moon tattoos.

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Meaning of moon tattoos

Depending on the culture or the historical moment in which you place yourself, the Moon can take on very different meanings. However, in most cases, it is closely tied to the spiritual. And it is precisely this sense by which his figure is often chosen to be engraved on his skin.

In certain mythologies, the Moon comes to represent the strength and power of the feminine. Here, she is presented as the Mother Goddess or the Queen of Heaven. In contrast, some beliefs consider the Moon, rather, as a male God.

The meaning of moon tattoos, in some cases, moves away from beliefs and refers, more than anything, to the influence of celestial powers on Earth and people’s lives. For this reason, it is also used to refer to the cycles of nature, fertility, growth, birth and the beginning of new stages.

With all this, I imagine that you already have enough reasons for your next tattoo to be of the moon. With great beauty, you can show off your tattoo by showing yourself an interesting, mysterious and deep person.

Lip Tattoos

43 lip tattoos and kisses with meaning for men and women

The lips have a strong connotation, linked to the sensual, passion and love. More than anything in women, it is one of the most successful weapons of seduction. Surely, no one can resist beautiful and suggestive lips.

If we get into the world of tattoos, lip drawings are gaining popularity and have become a curious trend. A strong reason for this is that today the quality of tattoo designs and technology have allowed them to look much more realistic. The colors and shapes are truly amazing.

To delight in the best photographs and learn more about the different styles, I invite you to continue reading. In this way, you will be able to have all the necessary information to finish defining the details of your next tattoo.

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Meaning of lip tattoos

In today’s article, lip tattoos are covered. Although at first glance they can only be a pretty image. In reality, they hide a deeper meaning. Did you know that lips can reveal people’s personalities? Every detail of them can show what traits they define. Therefore, when it comes to tattooing lips, it is important to define beforehand what its shape will be like and where you will place this drawing on your body.

For example, fleshy lips indicate that you are a passionate and very sensual person, capable of giving a lot of love to your children and your partner. On the other hand, if you opt for thinner lips, you will make it clear that you are independent and free, but a bit more introverted.

Horoscope Tattoos

55 horoscope tattoos with meaning grouped by zodiac sign

Do you make your decisions or guide your choices based on the predictions of the stars? If the Horoscope occupies a very important place in your life, then these designs are probably the type of tattoo that goes perfectly with you.

In recent years, not only the number of people who are believers or are fond of astrology has increased, but also the number of horoscope tattoos. This is an original way to show the rest what kind of person you are and what sets you apart from the rest. At the same time, that you make it clear to yourself what your belief system is and what principles govern your day to day. For this reason, many people choose to have their horoscope sign tattooed somewhere on their body.

All kinds of drawings, respecting the particularities of each sign, you can find in the wide catalog that I bring you this time. Therefore, I suggest that you immerse yourself in this article, to know everything about this world of the zodiac.

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Meaning of horoscope tattoos

For many people, the constellations are a good way to represent the signs in tattoos. Surely, you already know that the horoscope is made up of twelve of them. Each one represents each of the zodiac signs. In this way, a certain sign is attributed to people born within the time of year, depending on the period. And to make the differentiation more visible, each of the horoscope signs is represented by a different image.

According to these beliefs, all those who were born under the same zodiac sign, have common characteristics and traits within their personality that distinguish and identify them. For example, it is said that all Aries people are usually firm, faithful but strong-willed people.

Rare Tattoos

26 weird or strange tattoos: they are VERY rare and curious …

Are you a person who stands out above the rest for its originality? If you consider that your tastes or preferences in tattoos are unusual, or rather exotic, then, you are in the perfect article for you.

Today, the number of people who dare to get a tattoo has been growing and, with it, the variety of designs. From the most typical and traditional, to the most extravagant and rare. It is the latter that we will refer to here, mentioning their particularities and showing the most daring tattoos.

So, if you want to wear a unique, original and strange image on your skin , I invite you to continue reading for some ideas to inspire you. Really, you will meet witty and witty models.

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Bad Tattoos

29 badly done tattoos – they’re horrible, ugly, and even misspelled …

When you choose your favorite design, surely, the last thing you want is to look bad. Tattoos are not a game and it is important to take them seriously. This is because you will wear it on your skin forever or, in the best case scenario, you can take it off but it will cost a lot of money and you will suffer a lot of pain.

For this reason, I recommend that when it comes to getting a tattoo, make sure that you do it with an expert. It is better to pay more and have good quality guaranteed, rather than go for cheaper tattoo places. Remember the famous phrase, “in the long run, cheap is expensive.

To know everything about the worst tattoos, in this article I try enough information to take into account before getting one.

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Bad tattoos

Poppy Tattoos

6 poppy tattoos with deep and unique meaning

In the wide world of flower tattooing, poppies stand out for their beautiful shape and attractive red, orange, purple, white or yellow colors. These are herbs that are characterized by being every year, every two years or being lively. Its leaves are usually slightly separated. While the lower ones tend to be rather petiolate, the upper ones appear sessile.

As you may already know, from having observed it in photographs or in its natural state, these flowers have a pedunculated morphology, with a suspended bud. In nature, you can find many species of this plant, which also carries over to tattoos. In this way, there are various designs and each one further intensifies its deep meanings.

I can assure you that all of them will leave you open-mouthed, for its delicate lines and its realism. If you want to know more about its symbolism and delight yourself with some images of the best poppy tattoos, I suggest you continue reading this article that I bring you today.

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Meaning of poppy tattoos

Did you know that the poppy is famous as the flower of peace? This is because in WWI they used to grow in areas that represented neutral land. So where there were poppies, war did not go on. Instead, they were the only places where you could find peace and get away from those turbulent times of war and death. Closely related to this, many choose the poppy tattoo to pay tribute to those soldiers who died in battle.

If we talk about religions, for Christianity the poppy represents a flower with a lot of meaning. It gives death a different meaning than it is commonly given. Instead of seeing death linked to sadness and loneliness, he shows it as a moment of tranquility, harmony and calm sleep. At the same time, at this point, it is important to consider your renewability. That is to say, it does not wither, but revives in each cycle. In this way, it is related to the resurrection of the soul, while the red poppies refer to the blood of Christ.

Now, if you look at the oriental culture, for the Chinese the poppy comes to represent the moment of relaxation, perfection and beauty, as well as achievements and the path to success. But, in its sleeping state, it is given less positive meanings. For example, these species are associated with characters of inferiority, vagrancy, inactivity, dependence and subordination. This shows that it is very important to choose the species that best represents who you are or what you want to capture on your skin.

Going back to ancient Egypt, it can be seen that this flower was also considered very special. His figure indicated beauty, vitality and youth. This is why they made beautiful and large poppy bouquets and placed them on top of the tomb of the pharaohs. This was essential, because they considered that these flowers were going to help them in the other world.

For their part, the Greeks were very fond of poppies and used them as relevant elements in their mythology. Such is the case of Morpheus, the God of Sleep, who decorated him with a poppy crown on his head. Hence the name of the well-known sleep drug, morphine. In addition, for this culture the poppy denoted the figure of Demeter, the mother of everything that sprouts and is born, but she is also the mother of everything that disappears and dies.

Strawberry Tattoos

6 red strawberry tattoos with unique and special meaning

As tasty and rich as they are beautiful, strawberries are a fruit that is characterized by its great beauty. It is because of this and also because of its various meanings that, nowadays, many decide to get it tattooed.

Despite being a fruit more representative of the feminine, there are original designs that are perfect for women and men. With an amazing reddish color, or in its black versions with an interesting game of leftovers, it is one of the best fruits to wear on the skin.

If you want to know more about their representations and meanings, I invite you to continue reading. In addition, I leave you a distinguished selection of the best images of strawberry tattoos.

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Meaning of strawberry tattoos

Its typical bright red color makes it a unique creeping plant. Along with its characteristic shape, it stands out for its delicacy, refinement and exquisiteness. In addition, it is famous for being an aphrodisiac fruit, used for that purpose since the Roman Empire. These attributes make it a symbol of beauty, perfection, passion, sensuality and love. Therefore, if you are looking to highlight your most erotic side, I recommend that you consider strawberries for your next tattoo.

In the Catholic religion, it has a close relationship with the Virgin Mary, as a badge of purity, goodness and mercy. For this reason, this fruit is often accompanied by three leaves, alluding to the holy trinity.

In gastronomy, strawberries are used to make dishes of all kinds, from desserts, salads, jams, ice cream, and so on, a long list continues. In turn, it is used to make beverages, such as juices, smoothies or shakes. The reasons for this are mainly two. First, its sophisticated sweet and slightly sour taste. Second, its excellent nutritional properties.

In this way, this fruit is considered an exquisite gourmet food. In a figurative sense, in relation to this, the image of the strawberry is used to refer to health, vitality, youth, a good lifestyle and love of nature. So, if you are characterized by leading a healthy life, with good eating and sports habits, this fruit can be an interesting option to show what kind of person you are.

At the same time, strawberries are used, since ancient civilizations, as a medicinal plant that brings great benefits to health. For example, it helps prevent colds or flu, is good for digestion and combats constipation, and reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular and eye diseases. These important healing properties make this fruit a very precious element. For this reason, if what you want is to highlight the value of an event that marked your life or to honor a loved one, strawberries are ideal to achieve it.